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Profiel: Fotograaf #9880

Vergoeding: Commerciëel en TFP
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Interesse in: Fashion
Parts Modeling
Fine art

Ervaring met: Fashion
Parts Modeling
Fine art

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Ervaring: Professionele ervaring

Status: Professioneel

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Profiel bekeken: 1995

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Lid geworden:29-01-2015
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Mark Neurdenburg

51 jaar
Hilversum Noord-Holland Nederland

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I love all forms of art but photography is my favourite medium. Up till now I have photographed pretty much what came my way, ranging from architecture to celebrity portraits. Lately however I’ve had a strong desire to try out a new direction. I’m interested in adding a more narrative element to my work. I want to explore in-depth the art of storytelling in photography. I like pictures to be worthy of a second look. The perfect picture should provide food for thought, a catalyst for mental stimulation. It doesn’t mean I want to predict what the viewer will get from the picture but I do want to provide enough narrative elements to inspire the viewer. At the start of a project, I make lots of notes, write little stories and frequently ask my wife, who is a talented illustrator, to do storyboards for my pictures. I like to be well prepared because it limits shooting time and makes for a better shooting experience. In my opinion a photograph must have some aesthetic in it, however subtle or unconventional. I’m no big fan of arty still-lifes of random chemical spills if you know what I mean. Colour is very important to me. I have a keen eye for colour schemes, something I learnt in my years as a graphic designer. With the large array of chemical colours of today that can be quite a challenge. To me an interesting picture is not just placing a model in front of a screen and shining a beauty dish on her. The decor is of equal importance to me. I guess I like to look at a photograph more in the way a cinematographer designs a movie shot. It’s the sum total of the model(s), background and lighting that create a captivating image. I prefer models to have a bit of acting talent, who have the ability to get inside the story behind an image and make it look believable. I’m less interested in standard posing technique, although it can help models to be graceful in their movements. I generally know what I want and am able to offer adequate direction during a shoot. Although I like to design my shots beforehand I’m no stranger to improvising on the spot. I like to discuss the project with the models beforehand so they know exactly what is expected of them. I’m pretty easy going and sensitive towards my models. A photoshoot should be a rewarding experience for both the photographer and the model. Finally a little on my professional background. After working a number of years as a composer and professional musician I studied interactive multimedia at the University of Portsmouth where I obtained my Masters of Arts degree in 1998. Since then I have worked as a free lance designer and photographer. I live in a wonderful little house in the woods on an old country estate on the outskirts of Hilversum with my wife and two sons. I spend most of my time either in my office at home or behind the computer or somewhere in the world with a camera in my hand. I travel as much as I can and try to keep fit through body balance and fitness.

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Mark Neurdenburg

Jan Groot
Hallo Mark,

Welkom op
Veel succes en leuke samenwerkingen toegewenst!

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